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e-Competence Framework

e-Competence Framework

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e-CF in practice: Capgemini

e-CF in practice: Tata Steel Europe

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e-CF in practice: VIVAT

e-CF User Tool – coming soon

Browse the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) with our new, free interactive user tool, currently being developed for our website. Users of the tool can select roles and view the levels and competency descriptions that define them, and will be able to create his/her own custom profile.

The interactive e-CF user tool is part of our pledge to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. 

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8 National coalitions for digital skills and jobs to receive EU funding

15 September 2020
National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions from 8 European countries have been selected to receive funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funding mechanism. The grant totals more than €900.000, which can be used to upgrade the Coalitions’ web presence and connect to the European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs.
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Commission releases guidelines for digital skills in post-COVID19 workplaces

15 September 2020
The European Commission has launched new guidelines to help educators, employers and recruiters ensure that people are equipped with the digital skills to thrive in the post-COVID19 world of work.
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Commission publishes study on AI uptake in European enterprises

15 September 2020
The European Commission has published the first quantitative overview on the uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies among European enterprises. The report shows that four in ten (42%) enterprises have adopted at least one AI technology, with a quarter of them having already adopted at least two.
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‘Skills in AI the most important factor for an ecosystem of AI excellence in Europe’, consultation finds

15 September 2020
The preliminary findings of the European Commission’s “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: Public consultation towards a European approach for excellence and trust” are now available in a report.
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Date: 12/10/2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic coupled with fast-moving digital technology and a lack of digital competence in SMEs are all putting pressure on today's IT industry professionals and practitioners. Join the IT Professionalism Online Conference and learn how organisations can tackle the challenges related to IT staff and how the e-Competence Framework (e-CF) can help advance their skill sets.


Petra Hendriksen on implementing the e-Competence Framework in private companies

3 March 2020
Petra Hendriksen explains what she and her team at Capgemini see as the key benefits of using the e-Competence Framework in private companies.

Floor Scheffer on creating a digital competence tool at Tata Steel Europe

3 March 2020
Floor Scheffer (Tata Steel Europe) talks about the digital competence tool created for Tata Steel based on the e-Competence Framework.

Juan Pablo Peñarrubia on ethics and IT professionalism

3 March 2020
Juan Pablo Peñarrubia (CCII) explains why ethics are important in IT professionalism and what initiatives have been made so far.

Mary Cleary on the skills and tools of the IT profession

2 March 2020
Mary Cleary talks IT professionalism and ITPE, her position in the expert task committee 'TC 428' as well as the new tool developed at the Irish Computer Society, 'Career Plus', for assessing IT professional skills.