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Browse the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) with our free interactive user tool. Users of the tool can select roles and view the levels and competency descriptions and will be able to create his/her own custom profile.

The e-CF Explorer is part of our pledge to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. 

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e-Competence Framework

e-Competence Framework

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Europe Failing Digital Decade Goals

5 July 2024
Europe is likely to fail to meet its objectives under the Digital Decade according to a new report on the ‘State of the Digital Decade’, published by the European Commission. 
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IT Professionals Survey Launched

22 May 2024
IT Professionalism Europe, an initiative of CEPIS, is undertaking a survey of IT professionals across the continent to better understand what the profession needs to develop. In a time of constant technological change, with massive upheavals caused by new technologies such as AI, it is more important than ever that the tech workforce in Europe is ready and able to meet the challenges of the digital transformation. 
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Agreement Reached on European AI Act 

11 December 2023
EU lawmakers reached an agreement on the text of the AI Act on Friday, following a marathon negotiating session between the European Parliament, European Commission, and Council of Ministers, which represents Member States. The Act, which sets out rules for artificial intelligence across the EU, is based on regulating more harmful uses of AI more strictly, with a lighter touch for less risky cases. 
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EP releases briefing on digital in education and skills

22 January 2023
The European Parliament Research Service (EPRS) has released a pre-legislative synthesis of the positions of national, regional and local governmental organisations on the European Commission's forthcoming initiative, 'Digital in Education and Skills'.
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25 October 2023, 14:00-15:00 CEST

In business, many losses, financial or otherwise, can be traced back to poor communication. In software development especially, communication is instrumental to project success. However, there are several communication issues – named ‘community smells’ - that recur in SD teams.


Date: 05/12/2022

During this conversation we covered 'SMACITE, the development of two new professional roles for Smart Cities mapped to ESCO and e-CF', as well as a new European project for a Secure and Sustainable digital infrastructure.


Date: 15/11/2022

What should a company know today about ethical practices related to digital innovation? How much should workflows change to implement a more ethical decision-making process? And what should be the impact on the IT Professionals driving this development?


Date: 23/06/2022

The webinar 'Women in tech - what role should companies play?', co-hosted by ALL DIGITAL and ITPE, focused on the role of employers and how they can help accelerate the uptake of women in the IT workplace.


ITPE LIVE-webinar series SEASON 1 RECAP

2 August 2022
ITPE Live is a bi-monthly event featuring debates and talks. WATCH the recap of our first season hosted by Ronald Scherpenisse and ITPE.

Software tech – how it will drive skills and business solutions HIGHLIGHTS

25 April 2022
On 5 April, we held the webinar 'Software tech - how it will drive skills and business solutions'. Watch the highlights below.

Responsibility in tech – ethical challenges for IT professionals’ HIGHLIGHTS

28 February 2022
Watch the highlights from our webinar 'Responsibility in tech - ethical challenges for IT professionals'.

WATCH: Ethical imagination of Science Fiction

22 February 2022
'Ethical imagination of Science Fiction' is an excerpt from our webinar 'Responsibility in tech - ethical challenges for IT professionals'. How can '1984' and other works of SF contribute to our understanding of professional ethics?