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Interview with Data Analyst, Adelola Adebo

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The e-CF Explorer is available now!

Browse the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) with our new, free interactive user tool. Users of the tool can select roles and view the levels and competency descriptions and will be able to create his/her own custom profile.

The e-CF Explorer is part of our pledge to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. 

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e-Competence Framework

e-Competence Framework

ICT Profiles

e-CF & ICT Profiles in practice

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e-CF in practice: Capgemini

e-CF in practice: Tata Steel Europe

e-CF in practice: Irish Computer Society

e-CF in practice: VIVAT

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Learn about the different educational paths available to an IT professional

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‘From tech bootcamp to multi-national franchise’ 

16 May 2022
ITPE has published the third edition of its Career Series, featuring Data Analyst, Rita Goncalves.
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AIDA-committee finalises report on AI in the digital age   

16 May 2022
The European Parliament's Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA) has finalised its report on AI in a digital age.  
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Webinar on skills needs in the software industry held on 17 May  

2 May 2022
On 17 May, the European Software Skills Alliance (ESSA) will hold a webinar on ‘Skill needs of the Software industry: can education and training keep up?’.
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EU Parliament and Council reach agreement on Digital Services Act 

2 May 2022
The European Parliament and Council of the EU have reached a provisional political agreement on the Digital Services Act (DSA).
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Date: 23/06/2022

Join the webinar on 'Women in tech - what role should companies play?', co-hosted by ALL DIGITAL and ITPE, where we will discuss the role of employers and how they can help accelerate the uptake of women in the IT workplace.


Date: 05/04/2022

During this webinar we looked at how software tech is driving the digital transition of companies and what professional skills and roles they are looking for.


Date: 15/02/2022

This ITPE webinar focused on the relevant competences for IT staff that help ensure security and transparency when working with digital technologies.


Software tech – how it will drive skills and business solutions HIGHLIGHTS

25 April 2022
On 5 April, we held the webinar 'Software tech - how it will drive skills and business solutions'. Watch the highlights below.

Responsibility in tech – ethical challenges for IT professionals’ HIGHLIGHTS

28 February 2022
Watch the highlights from our webinar 'Responsibility in tech - ethical challenges for IT professionals'.

WATCH: Ethical imagination of Science Fiction

22 February 2022
'Ethical imagination of Science Fiction' is an excerpt from our webinar 'Responsibility in tech - ethical challenges for IT professionals'. How can '1984' and other works of SF contribute to our understanding of professional ethics?

Professionalism in cybersecurity – current practice & outlook – discussion

15 December 2021
We invited speakers Vili Harju (Handelsbanken) and Carlos E. Budde (Cybersec4Europe) for a talk about the current professional standardisation efforts related to cybersecurity.