There is an increasing need for IT professionals in Europe as the skills gap between market demand and supply continues to grow. To address this challenge, we need to attract talent to the different IT roles, while developing an established structure for the IT profession to facilitate effective recruitment and continued growth of the professional.  

It is important that both IT professionals and their employers know what the right skills and competences are to be successful in the field. They need a common reference point for new trainings and education to continue development and keep up with a fast-moving digital sector. It is also important that a shared standard for ethical aspects is developed, providing guidelines for suitable professional conduct, as IT is used in every-day life.

The technical group of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), TC 428, is actively managing and carrying out initiatives to mature the IT Profession.

There is a common approach to what key elements needed are, and these have been placed under the ‘four pillars of IT professionalism’:

ITPE is actively supporting this process by bringing together stakeholders to further the establishment of a mature IT profession. Read more here.

Resources related to IT professionalism:

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