A Body of Knowledge refers to the knowledge which is essential for a professional to know. The Foundational IT Body of Knowledge was developed under the patronage of the European Commission. It refers to the core IT knowledge shared by all the different IT sub-domains and which any IT professional should master even before approaching a career in the sector.

The Body of Knowledge closely relates to the European e-Competence framework, which both are created to help make it clear what knowledge is required to pursue a career in IT, and where to obtain further specific knowledge.


A project team has been initiated under the responsible standardisation body, CEN TC 428, which is working on further developing the Body of Knowledge. More details are included below:

Foundational Body of Knowledge (BoK)
Objective The project aims to provide a European Foundational Body of Knowledge for all ICT Professionals regardless area of specialty. 43 Knowledge Units provide the core of the forthcoming new standard. Each Knowledge Unit defines common knowledge requirements shared by all ICT Professionals, a list of basic knowledge topics for each area of expertise, as well as references to other relevant publications. The ICT BoK is intrinsically linked with e-CF competences, the ICT Professional Role Profiles and specific knowledge domains.
Expert TeamJutta Breyer (Team leader) – Co Siebes – Terry Hook – Wanda Saabeel – Clare Thornley
Project DurationENDED – published 20 April 2022

ITPE members are regularly updated on its progress, along with all other initiatives of this workgroup.

Resources related to the Body of Knowledge: