It is essential for organisations to understand different levels of professional competences to recruit and develop suitable employees. To this end, the e-Competence Framework (e-CF) defines the skills of IT professionals.


Projects on User Support and e-Indicators and Common Metrics are ongoing. Please see below for more details:

Project “e-CF” User support
ObjectiveThe project empowers e-CF users in practice through a series of User Support publications. Three Technical Reports provide practical hints and guidelines on how the e-CF enables ICT professional development across all sectors and services.
Expert TeamJutta Breyer (Project Lead) – Terry Hook – Cleo Sgouropoulou – Irmhild Rogalla – Luis Fernandez
Project DurationENDED

Projecte-Performance Indicators and Common Metrics
ObjectiveThe project focuses on drafting a Technical Report with a methodology to build indicators and metrics for assessing the e-competences in the context of the e-Competence Framework (e-CF).
Expert TeamRocco Defina (Project Lead) – Irmhild Rogalla – Luis Fernandez – Wilfried Berlin – Frederic Lau – Sergio Ruffini
Project DurationStart: September 2019
End: tbd

ITPE members are regularly updated on its progress, along with all other initiatives of this workgroup.

Resources related to Competences: