It is essential for organisations to understand different levels of professional competences to recruit and develop suitable employees. To this end, the e-Competence Framework (e-CF) defines the skills of IT professionals.


Projects on User Support and e-Indicators and Common Metrics are ongoing. Please see below for more details:

Project “e-CF” User support
ObjectiveIncreased usage of the e-CF User Support standard should help tap the unexploited potential of the services sector for the EU economy by improving the performance and quality of the services, ensuring interoperability and facilitating cooperation among economic operators.
Expert TeamJutta Breyer (Project Lead) – Terry Hook – Cleo Sgouropoulou – Irmhild Rogalla – Luis Fernandez
Project Duration26 months (started: 1st January 2019)

Projecte-Indicators and Common Metrics
ObjectiveThe project focuses on recognition and validation of e-competences acquired by experience (non-formal, informal learning), beyond any educational background
Expert TeamRocco Defina (Project Lead) – Irmhild Rogalla – Luis Fernandez – Wilfried Berlin – Frederic Lau – Sergio Ruffini
Project Duration32 months (started: 1st May 2019)

ITPE members are regularly updated on its progress, along with all other initiatives of this workgroup.

Resources related to Competences: