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The European ICT Professional Role Profiles (version 2) was published by CEN as a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) in 2018. CWA’s are available for free and the four parts of the European ICT Professional Roles Profiles CWA can be downloaded below (source: CEN).

  • CWA 16458-1:2018 European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 1: 30 ICT Profiles
    Part 1 provides 30 European ICT Professional Role Profiles full descriptions.

  • CWA 16458-2:2018 European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 2: User Guide
    Part 2 explains the basic principles and supports practical application of the European ICT Professional Role Profiles in different environments.

  • CWA 16458-3:2018 European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 3: Methodology
    Part 3 explains the overall methodology approach and main choices underpinning the European ICT Professional Role Profiles development.

  • CWA 16458-4:2018 European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 4: Case Studies
    Part 4 provides 11 Caste Studies illustrating practical application examples of the European ICT Professional Role Profiles from multiple perspectives.

e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

EN16234-1 Part 1: The Framework

The European e-Competence Framework EN16234-1:2019 was published by CEN as a European Norm (EN). European Norms can be acquired at the national sales points of the CEN member bodies (source: CEN).

CountryNational BodyVersionDocument Reference LanguagePreviewPrice
AustriaASL4.0OENORM EN 16234-1English
BelgiumNBN4.0NBN EN 16234-1:2020English
BulgariaBDS4.0BDS EN 16234-1:2020Englishnoлв149
CroatiaHZN4.0Pending UpdateEnglishnoHRK 390,00
DenmarkDS4.0DS/EN 16234-1:2019 Englishyeskr 742,00
EstoniaEVS4.0EVS-EN 16234-1:2019Englishyes€19,10
FinlandSFS4.0SFS-EN 16234-1:2019Englishyes€80,70
GermanyDIN4.0DIN EN 16234-1:2020-02Germanno€181,00
IcelandIST4.0Pending UpdateEnglishnokr 11,135
IrelandNSAI4.0I.S. EN 16234-1:2019Englishno€100,80
ItalyUNI4.0UNI EN 16234-1:2020English
LatviaLVS4.0LVS EN 16234-1:2020Englishno€31.31
LithuaniaLST4.0LST EN 16234-1:2020Englishyes€42.00
LuxembourgILNAS4.0ILNAS-EN 16234-1:2019English
MaltaMCCAA4.0SM EN 16234-1:2019EnglishnoTBD
NetherlandsNEN4.0 NEN-EN 16234-1:2019Englishyes€100,00
NorwaySN4.0NS-EN 16234-1:2019EnglishyesNOK 818,00
PolandPKN4.0PN-EN 16234-1:2020EnglishnoPLN 159,80
PortugalIPQ4.0NP EN 16234-1:2019EnglishnoTBD
RomaniaASRO4.0SR EN 16234-1:2020Englishno243,82 Lei
SerbiaISS4.0SR EN 16234-1:2020
SlovakiaUNMS4.0STN EN 16234-1Englishno€24,40
SloveniaSIST4.0EN 16234-1:2019Englishno€119.79
SwedenSIS4.0SS-EN 16234-1:2020EnglishnoSEK 1,495
SwitzerlandSNV4.0SN EN 16234-1:2020English
noCHF 188.60
TurkeyTSE4.0TS EN 16234-1Englishno€115,00
United KingdomBSI4.0BS EN 16234-1:2019Englishyes£234,00

Supporting documents

EN16234-2 Part 2: e-CF User Guide

Currently being developed

EN16234-3 Part 3: e-CF Methodology

Currently being developed