Developing a consistent approach to ethics is an essential part of building any profession. Cooperation with relevant stakeholders, including the European Commission, national bodies as well as with the private sector, is necessary to ensure that ethical standards are fully developed.

There is a general distinction between a ‘Code of Ethics’ and the ‘Code of Conduct’, the first being understood as a set of guidelines for the profession in general, whereas a Code of Conduct focuses more on enforced rules of conduct, which are binding for all practicing professionals.


The European Professional Ethics Framework for the ICT Profession is now available for online purchase – see your national standards body for more information.

ProjectEuropean Professional Ethics Framework
ObjectiveThe objective of the project is to provide a technical report incorporating an ethics meta-framework relevant to, and in support of, IT Professionals across Europe.
Team ExpertsStefan Kunkel – Juan Pablo Penarrubia – Carina Dantas – Clare Thornley – Bramjan Mulder – Dimosthenis Ioannidis
Project DurationENDED

ITPE members are regularly updated on its progress, along with all other initiatives of this workgroup.

Resources related to Ethics: