Tech associations call for clear guidance for ICT workers during Covid-19 crisis

More than 25 associations representing tech, communications, and business communities from around the world have joined the Information Technology Industry Council’s (ITI) call to governments to adopt clear guidance to ensure ICT workers are designated as ‘essential’ in the fight against the coronavirus. The associations, which include CompTIA, Tech UK, US Telecom and more, warn …

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The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition calls for new pledges

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) is looking for new pledges to support its goal of closing the skills gap in Europe. All organisations who take action to boost digital skills in Europe can submit a pledge, which can range from training unemployed people, giving MOOCs for teachers, offering coding classes for children or cutting-edge …

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Report on Skills for SMEs is now available

Report ‘Skills for SMEs. Supporting Specialised skills development: Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity for SMEs’ has been released by Capgemini Invent, Technopolis Group and European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

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