Europe Failing Digital Decade Goals

Europe is likely to fail to meet its objectives under the Digital Decade according to a new report on the ‘State of the Digital Decade’, published by the European Commission. 

The Digital Decade Policy Programme is one of the EU’s flagship initiatives, and features objectives and targets to be achieved by 2030 across digital infrastructure, the digital transformation of business, digital public services, and digital skills. Regarding IT professionals, the programme aims to see 20 million ICT specialists employed. 

Key takeaways from the State of the Digital Decade report include: 

  • EU activity to support the programme has increased, but is reliant on the cooperation of Member States 
  • Member States are falling short of their objectives, with many objectives unlikely to be met by 2030 
  • It could take more than a decade from now to reach the objective to have 20 million ICT specialists in Europe 

On current trajectories, there will only be 12 million ICT specialists in Europe by 2030, at a time when global competition in this sector is high. This could have an impact on a number of other objectives under the programme, since IT professionals are key to implementing much digital transformation. 

16 EU Member States are currently failing to meet national targets for ICT specialists, while three did not provide data and 7 are meeting their targets. Only Sweden is exceeding its targets. 

The full report can be read on the website of the European Commission