2 November 2017 e-CF Briefing Series in Denmark


Dansk IT hosted an ITPE ‘e-CF Briefing Series’ in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 2 November 2017. The event informed local stakeholders about the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF), and it provided a platform for speakers from Dansk IT, CEPIS, and Dansk Standard to engage with the participants and share the benefits and experiences of the e-CF. The event was moderated by Philip Heller-Christensen, Development Manager at DANSK IT, who encouraged a lively discussion among the participants.

The e-CF

Jutta Breyer presented the e-Competence Framework (the e-CF). The e-CF is a framework that provides a reference of 40 competences that are applicable in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workplaces. The framework uses a common language to compile its competences, skills, knowledge, and proficiency levels so that it can be easily understood by all users throughout Europe. In 2016, the e-CF became a European standard, which was officially published as the European Norm EN 16234-1. Currently, the e-CF has been adopted by numerous organisations across Europe to help mature the IT profession.

Jutta Breyer informed the event’s participants that TC428 will be updating the e-CF to version 4.0. She also presented the website www.ecompetences.eu and its multiple functionalities, such the ability to create your own e-CF profile and the overview of the e-CF standard prices points that it provides.


Jakub Christoph spoke about the ITPE network and presented our recent activities, such as the roundtable discussion we held in Brussels, Belgium, on 5 October 2017. Over the last year, we have expanded membership our to over 60 organisations, we launched our social media accounts, and we hosted a number of events throughout Europe. ITPE’s success has been directly related to the interest of organisations to get involved in developing the e-CF and practical applications based off it. Maturing the IT Profession across Europe and developing the e-CF is dependent on getting input from you, the relevant stakeholders.