28 July 2016 e-CF Briefing Series in Malta

Date: 28/07/2016

On 28 July 2016, IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE), in conjunction with its member, the eSkills Malta Foundation, organised a briefing to present the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) at the MITA Data Centre in Malta.

The half-day event gathered 60 attendees, from both industry and education and provided an excellent opportunity to introduce the e-CF and discuss its importance for Maltese industry and education providers.

The briefing was opened by eSkills Malta Foundation’s Executive Coordinator, Carm Cachia, who presented the issues relating to competences and qualifications that are vital for the development of the Maltese ICT profession. He also raised concerns regarding the existing ICT skills gap. Mr Cachia also outlined some exciting future initiatives that the eSkills Malta Foundation had planned to further contribute to promoting IT Professionalism and addressing the skills gaps in Malta.

ITPE’s Frederic Aerden introduced the e-CF, providing the context that had led to the development of a framework that provides a common language to describe the competences required by the ICT industry. Attendees were informed of the work done by the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills and the CEN Technical Committee, and the methodology used to develop the e-CF was expounded. The e-CF’s focus on competence was explained, as was its relation to the European Qualifications Framework. Attendees showed a strong interest in practical steps to apply the e-CF, so practical examples of the e-CF in action, from both an industry and an education provider’s perspective, were also provided.

The briefing finished with an open discussion with participants regarding the framework and its potential for Maltese industry and education providers. ITPE would like to thank eSkills Malta and congratulate them on their ongoing work on IT Professionalism. We look forward to supporting further e-CF uptake.