28 March 2018 e-CF Training Pilot in Malta

Date: 09/04/2018

ITPE Launched the pilot for the Applying the e-CF: Introductory Programme on 28 March 2018, in Malta.

The programme, which was developed by Capgemini, serves as a training for IT professionals, HR representatives and management staff to learn about the competences of the e-CF, its fundamental principles, and how to apply the e-CF in their organisation.

“Had we known about the e-CF before, developing a vocational training curriculum would have been much easier.”

— Training Participant

“I hope the awareness of the e-CF improves and that it is marketed to more key-stakeholders.”

— Training Participant

The pilot lasted two days, and it had 14 participants from a variety of IT professionalism stakeholder areas, who served as the first graduating class. During the course, the participants learned about the e-CF, the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark, and the ICT Professional Profiles. By the end of the pilot, the participants were able to independently understand and verify ICT skills in the e-CF, develop an implementation plan for applying the framework, and use it in their organisations. The feedback from the training was incredibly positive, and all the participants said that they would recommend the training to someone else.

The training is the ideal stepping-stone for bringing the benefits of the framework to your business to make your organisation work smarter. For more information about the training, please contact info@itprofessionalism.org.