e-CF User Networking Conference

Date: 14/11/2019

In the context of the CEN TC428 “IT Professionalism and digital competences” work activity on EN16234 e-CF User Support the e-CF User Networking Conference was hosted by expert team leader, Jutta Breyer, on 14 November in Rome, in cooperation with INAIL, Italy.

The event program provided very good opportunity to get familiar with the EN16234 e-CF new version and to share the experience of a broad range of e-CF applications from varying perspectives including:

  1. IT organisation / IT strategy, resources planning and staff development
  2. learning program & curricula development / Higher Education (HE), VET and private environment
  3. policy and/ or sector association context.


EN16234-1:2019 „e-CF“ new version and the European IT Professionalism program–  Jutta Breyer CEN EN16234-1 “e-CF“ expert team leader / Mary Cleary CEN TC428 and Irish Computer Society, EU and Ireland download

How to prepare the IT department to lead the digital transformation of the company: Train to transformAleix Palau,netmind / Red Eléctrica de España, Spain download

Curricula development and InnovationTrijntje van Dijk, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands download

How e-CF helps to increase the value of university learning programs. Example: MIAGE Carine Souveyet, Sorbonne Paris University, and Daniel Marquié, University of Toulouse and MIAGE curricula national council (CPN), France

Developing an e-CF based systematic engagement between universities, VET schools and employers in national qualification authority context  – Ants Sild, Baltic Computer Systems AS and BCS Koolitus, Estonia download

e-CF based Strategy development for company transformationMaria Grazia Bizzarri and Alessandro Nieto, NEXI payment, Italy

e-CF in IT HR development applied to skills development of IT Professionals–Martine de Groot-Grosman, Vivat, The Netherlands download

Combine e-CF and DigComp application in support of the new IT operating modelFrançois Prudhomme, connectITpeople, France download

Developing further e-CF interfaces with relevant frameworks:example EURO-Inf label framework – Eduardo Vendrell, Politecnico University Valencia, Spain download

Summary of conference outcomes / Invitation to join TC428 & ITPE–  Jutta Breyer, CEN EN16234 “e-CF user support“ expert team leader, Veronica Salsano, UNINFO and TC428 Secretariat / Ulrik Lorck, ITPE, EU-level  download

The example applications came from different EU countries and created an inspiring environment for exchange and learning between e-CF users and participants concerned with IT Professionalism.

Additionally, delegates had the opportunity to become familiar with related EU policy and to network with colleagues from the TC428 or ITPE environments.

Contact the European IT Professionalism Network ITPE

Contact the CEN Technical Committee “ICT Professionalism and digital competences” TC428 Secretariat