e-CF User Support Tele-Workshop

Date: 29/04/2020

In the context of the CEN TC428 “IT Professionalism and digital competences” work activity on EN16234 e-CF User Support the e-CF User TELE-WORKSHOP was hosted by expert team leader, Jutta Breyer, on 29 April 2020, welcoming 90 registered participants from 20 countries.

The workshop program provided a good opportunity to get familiar with the EN16234 e-CF new version, the new e-CF User Support Material under preparation and to share e-CF application experiences from varying perspectives including:

  • learning program & curricula development / Higher Education (HE), VET and private environment
  • IT organisation / IT strategy, resources planning and staff development
  • policy and/ or sector association context.


Welcome, introduction and workshop moderation –  Jutta Breyer, CEN EN16234 “e-CF User Support“ expert team leader / Veronica Salsano, CEN TC428 Secretariat 

The European digital skills policy and the ICT Professionalism program mission of CEN/TC 428 „ICT professionalism and digital competences“ –  André Richier, European Commission, and Mary Cleary, CEN/TC 428 Chair and Irish Computer Society, EU and Ireland download

EN 16234-1:2019 „e-CF“ new version and the „e-CF User Support“ project delivery goals  Jutta Breyer, CEN EN16234 “e-CF User Support“ expert team leader download

e-CF Case Study from Latvia:  ”Implementation of Software Engineering Competence Remote Evaluation for Master Program Graduates”Boriss Mišņevs, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Riga download

e-CF Case Study from The Netherlands: „From Data Services to Data Science – Developing data competences and capabilities in the UWV IT organisation“ Co Siebes, Capgemini download

e-CF Case Study from Croatia: „Teaching students human resource practices in the ICT profession in Informatic services management course – example of hiring process“ Katarina Pažur Aničić, University of Zagreb download

Feedback on Technical Reports DRAFTS developed by the CEN TC428 e-CF User Support expert team – download overview:

e-CF Case Study from Germany: „e-CF Usage in the review of the German dual vocational training ICT profiles“ Angela Kennecke, Airbus Operations GmbH Bremen download

Workshop conclusions and final project steps towards e-CF User Support Technical Reports publication by CEN in 2020/21  Jutta Breyer, CEN EN16234 “e-CF User Support“ expert team leader see slides 18-22