Ethical landscape of disruptive technology

Date: 15/11/2022

What should a company know today about ethical practices related to digital innovation? How much should workflows change to implement a more ethical decision-making process? And what should be the impact on the IT Professionals driving this development?

Addressing these questions is becoming more important as technology determines the way we communicate and how we work together. For IT professionals, the task will be to manage the development of these technologies while upholding shared values and common standards.

The ethical aspect of IT is essential to discuss how professionals will help drive digital technology, not only by their technical expertise, but also their ability to detect issues that could threaten a human-centric approach.

During this webinar, Chair of the IFIP Technical Committee on ICT and Society, David Kreps, presented IFIP’s Code of Ethics and speak about the challenges disruptive technology poses to our society. Enterprise Solutions Architect, Developer and Researcher, Stefan Kunkel talked about a new ethical standard framework that can serve as an application guide for establishing codes of ethics in companies and help manage the potential opportunities and risks of disruptive technologies.

We also heard from Valeria Muggianu, Senior Project Manager at DigitalEurope, about the EU-funded ‘Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance’, which has been initiated to develop new job profiles in AI.

Find the event on YouTube here.


David Kreps – Chair, IFIP Technical Committee on ICT and Society

Specialties: Philosophy of Information Systems, Critical Information Systems (CRIS), Digital Business, Web Accessibility. See for more

Stefan Kunkel – Enterprise Solutions Architect, Developer and Researcher

Project Team Leader – CEN | EU ICT Ethics & Member of the Ethics Advisory Board, DARLENE (European Commission)