Fostering the competent, trusted and recognised IT profession in Europe – how standards can make it happen

Date: 20/05/2021

Join ITPE and CEN/TC428 for an event starting at 10:00 CEST, on 20 May that will introduce you to the core elements of IT professionalism and explore how to to ensure that the IT profession is competent, trusted, and recognised in Europe.

During the event, you will hear:

  • What is IT professionalism and why is it important?
  • What are the building blocks of the IT professionalism?
  • What is the role of CEN/TC428 and how it works? What are the outputs of CEN/TC428 work and how to use them in practice?
  • How to take part in this work? How to join the larger community working on IT professionalism?
  • What is e-CF and how it can be used?

You will also learn about the specific projects being developed on IT professional standards and how they can be used in practice by companies, education and training providers.

Please find the event’s agenda and registration below!

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Standards for a shared European language in IT professional development: Competence is the key


Latest TC 428/ EU IT Professionalism achievements


  • Bringing ETHICS to ICT professionalism: the grounds for a practical framework (TBD)
  • An embedded European standard on ICT Professional Knowledge: ICT BoK (TBD)
  • Preparing the European IT Professional competent workforce of tomorrow: Curriculum Guidance and Assessment Metrics (TBD)
  • Apply the e-CF standard across multiple view points and multiple purposes: e-CF User Support (TBD)
Coffee break


Interactive session – moderated discussion
Use Cases: e-CF, ICT Profiles and ICT BoK  


  • Co Siebes, Capgemini: Capacity Management in the IT Organisation (Netherlands)
  • Guido Ongena, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrech: Application of the European e-competence framework in curriculum development, the case of the Master of Informatics (Netherlands)
  • Ants Sild, BCS Koolitus – Public-private stakeholder dialogue (Estonia)
  • Valeria Muggiano, Digital Europe: The new EU Sector Skills Alliance for Software Skills: ESSA


  • Veronica Salsano, CEN/TC 428