24 October 2018 Digital Competence Expert Group Meeting

Date: 24/10/2018

ITPE ‘Digital Competence Expert Group Meeting’ was held on October 24 in Brussels.

The session focused on the benefits and challenges related to applying the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) in practice, as well as the opportunities of the Erasmus+ programme for developing projects related to IT professionalism. As a follow-up to the last ITPE meeting in June, an update about the ongoing TC428 projects was also presented.

Speakers included:

  • André Richier (European Commission) – update from the European Commission
  • Austeja Trinkunaite (CEPIS) – update on ITPE’s activities
  • Mary Cleary (Irish Computer Society) – update on TC428 projects
  • Jutta Breyer (e-CF update project manager) – update on e-CF 4.0
  • Harald De Vries, (Explain) – e-CF applied for a certification programme
  • Floor Scheffer (Tata Steel) – e-CF applied in a company
  • Maurice Willemssen (KPN – ICT Consulting) – case study: IT-CMF and e-CF
  • Yazid Isli (Hominem) - Erasmus+  

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See agenda here.