Responsibility in tech – ethical challenges for IT professionals

Date: 15/02/2022

This ITPE webinar focused on the relevant competences for IT staff that help ensure security and transparency when working with digital technologies.

We discussed this topic in a wider context of ethical practice as well as related to the work towards a ‘European Professional Ethics Framework’. Carina Dantas (Shine 2Europe) presented ‘Bringing ethics to work’, highlighting the role of organisations and professionals – how are the methods and frameworks developed to foster professional ethics implemented in practice?

Clare Thornley (Clarity Research) shared her insight on how we may shift our focus from technology to a more human centric approach to ethics. This can in part happen by using the impact that works of science fiction have on our understanding of ethical behaviour – how do we imagine ourselves acting under extreme surveillance or omnipresent AI, and how should this affect our decision-making process today?

The webinar was introduced by ITPE’s President, Declan Brady – watch the highlights video here.


10:00 – 11:30 CET

  • Declan Brady, President, IT Professionalism Europe
‘Bringing ethics to work’ – role of organisations and professionals
  • Carina Dantas, CEO, Shine2 Europe
‘At the round earth’s imagined corners’: the power of Science Fiction to improve our ethical imagination and support responsible innovation
  • Clare Thornley, CEO & Principal Consultant, Clarity Research
Roundtable session