The road to smart cities and digital sustainability

Date: 05/12/2022

During this conversation we covered ‘SMACITE, the development of two new professional roles for Smart Cities mapped to ESCO and e-CF’, as well as a new European project for a Secure and Sustainable digital infrastructure.

We also looked at a case-study for smarter and more sustainable practices in end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions company, SoftwareONE.

You can find the recording of the session on YouTube.


Dr. Luis Fernández-Sanz is an associate professor in the dept of Computer Science at University of Alcalá (Spain) since 2008. Luis earn a BSc + MS in informatics from Universidad Poltécnica de Madrid and PhD from University of Basque Country (with extraordinary doctoral award) in 1997. With more than 30 years of experience in academia and research, Luis has also long experience as free lancer as well as CEO of a small IT services company from 2002-2006. With a high dedication to 15 EU-funded projects since 2013, Luis has also served in the Board of CEPIS in the periods 2011-13 and 2016-2020: he was elected as president of CEPIS in May 2022.

Sofia Segkouli joined the Institute Informatics and Telematics as a researcher participating in numerous projects in 2005. Currently she is a member of the Visual Analytics Laboratory of CERTH/ITI and a senior researcher in the field of Healthcare for elderly, Information Technologies Institute, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas. Dr Segkouli Sofia has an active role in Ethics and emerging technologies (e.g. IoT, AI) in the context of European projects. Recently she has been assigned the role of ethics expert in the development of a European Framework for ICT Professionals in all sectors (e-competence framework).

Simon Sarfati is Apprentice Manager EMEA at SoftwareONE Deutschland GmbH. He is also a Freelance Filmmaker & Visual Artist. Simon has previously worked as a Technical Trainer at Tech Mahindra and as Information Technology Support Engineer at CANCOM SE. He also started his own company on for IT Security Awareness Campaigns & Coaching.