Are you graduating from a degree in IT, and looking for your first job? Or are you looking to change to a career in IT? Then this page is for you!

You may be asking yourself what it means to be a ‘Cybersecurity Specialist’ or a ‘Data Analyst’? Or would you like to know how you become an ‘IT Project Manager’, or an ‘Account Manager’ in IT? Get inspired below, where you can hear more about these and other key job profiles in our ‘Career Series’ interviews.

Taking inspiration from the e-CF (European e-Competence Framework), we are approaching young professionals with an IT profile, starting out their careers and who wish to share their story. The career series is meant to engage those who have just begun their professional development as well as the wider network of IT professionalism in education and business.

“I had huge benefits from participating in the ‘Women4 IT’-initiative led by the Irish Computer Society (ICS). We had an instructor, who I would consider as a mentor, because she guided me, and I could always ask her questions about my career in IT”

Adelola Adebo

Data Analyst at Therapie Clinic

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