IT Professionals Survey Launched

IT Professionalism Europe, an initiative of CEPIS, is undertaking a survey of IT professionals across the continent to better understand what the profession needs to develop. In a time of constant technological change, with massive upheavals caused by new technologies such as AI, it is more important than ever that the tech workforce in Europe is ready and able to meet the challenges of the digital transformation. 

IT Professionalism Europe is a CEPIS initiative that aims to be the home of IT professionals in Europe, gathering resources and information on topics such as the e-Competence Framework, labour market trends, and more. It also serves as a community hub, bringing experts from computer societies around the continent, with practitioners and organisations dedicated to building IT into a respected and trusted profession. 

The survey is open to anyone who works in IT, and the results will inform the future development of IT Professionalism Europe, as well as our general understanding of the IT profession today. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win a €40 Amazon voucher.