The ITPE Secretariat, with support from ITPE Members, engages in a range of advocacy activities to advance IT professionalism and grow the stakeholder community. These activities are listed below.

Declaration on IT Professionalism for Europe

The ‘Declaration on IT Professionalism for Europe‘ was presented and signed by stakeholders at the Conference on IT professionalism held in Brussels on 15 November. The declaration was created by ITPE members, and commits to a fully professionalised IT workforce in Europe.

National e-CF Briefings

ITPE holds e-CF briefing sessions across Europe, where the framework and its benefits are presented to participants. ITPE members have the opportunity to both participate in and host an ITPE seminar. If you are interested in holding a briefing in your country, get in touch with us – please send your message to

Previous e-CF Briefings: Utrecht / Brussels / Paris / Warsaw / Brussels / Greece / Malta

Liaison with EU institutions

ITPE stays connected with EU bodies including the European Commission, European Parliament as well as the European Committee for Standardisation (in particular, Technical Committee (TC) 428) to promote IT professionalism.