The ITPE Groups bring together members with an interest in a particular focus area of IT professionalism. ITPE Group members define terms of reference for the ITPE Group and appoint Group Chairs to work with the ITPE Secretariat to guide the activity of the group. Read more about our groups below.

Digital Competence Expert Group 

The Digital Competence Group comprises members with an interest in the European eCompetence Framework (eCF), the activity of the CEN Technical Committee TC428 and related European Commission activities. This ITPE Group is concerned with the technical development of the e-CF through CEN TC428 and also the practical adoption and application of eCF. ITPE has liaison status with CEN TC428. ITPE is also member of the TC428 mirror committee in Belgium. This provides a mechanism for the Digital Competence Group to have a voice in the work of TC428. 

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Professional Ethics Expert Group 

The Ethics Group brings together members with an interest in the role of ethics in advancing IT professionalism. Building on the research and policy work in this area by CEPIS and other European Commission projects, the ITPE Ethics Group is concerned with how ethics is addressed in the education of future IT professionals and in the management of IT professionals in the workplace. 

ITPE Groups meet in-person at the ITPE office in Brussels regularly and virtually between these meetings as necessary. All ITPE Members will receive updates on the work of the individual ITPE Groups. 

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e-CF User Group 

ITPE’s e-CF User Group was established to create a continuous forum of stakeholders who can share experiences on using e-CF in both academia as well as in companies.

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For any additional information on activities related to the ITPE groups, please contact the ITPE secretariat.