LinkedIn presents report on AI Talent in Europe

LinkedIn published a report entitled ‘AI Talent in the European Labour Market’ which shows that the EU has twice the size in total workforce compared with the US, but half of its AI talent. Furthermore, 50% of European AI talent is concentrated in just 3 countries (UK, France and Germany). Europe is thus presented with a dual challenge of becoming a global AI champion, while ensuring more equal distribution of talent across its member state borders.

The fields of study that produce workers with AI skills almost all relate to ICT, the report also finds. More than one third of AI talent identified in the report (39.1%) comes from four fields of study: computer science, electrical and electronics engineering, computer and information science, and computer engineering. Only one of the humanities – economics – is among the top 30 fields studied by AI-skilled individuals. Two humanities degrees, linguistics and psychology, rank 31st and 41st further down the list.

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