The CareerTracker offers a software platform that supports organisations and employees in optimizing their capabilities. It is based on insights into the individual competencies of employees, organization-specific role definitions as well as the use of European and market standards.


The CareerTracker focuses on supporting the HR process: inflow, ‘through-flow’ and outflow.


Before the interview, a questionnaire provides insight into the knowledge and experience of the candidates. The questionnaire focuses on the specific vacancy. This makes it easier to compare individual candidates, both in relation to each other and in relation to their own employees. The results of the questionnaire can be used for candidate selection and provide additional tools for the interview itself.


New technology, or a new way of working, affects the business strategy and therefore role requirements. By having insight into the competencies of the employees, both individually and in total, adjustments can be made in time. Based on the available data, targeted personal development and training programs can be designed and the progress can be tracked. The same insight can also be used to offer employees a personal growth path.


Role profiles are phased out by changes in technology or the way of working. What impact do these changes have on the workmanship of the employee? What craftsmanship needs to be developed? For employees who cannot be developed, it is also important to part in a positive way. That person will be able to have a head start when looking for new work using the insights gained with the competence questionnaires.


CareerTracker is built with C # on the Microsoft Azure platform, and the service is offered as a WebApp.

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