Below is a list of additional files related to IT professionalism older than 2018, which includes both reports and event presentations.



  • Fostering IT Professionalism in Europe Block 1-4 presentations – 6 December 2016 | Brussels, Belgium (various)
    • Block 1
      • Introduction by the Chair Debby Jansen, Capgemini Academy
      • A strategy for IT Professionalism Europe André Richier, DG GROWTH
      • The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Janne Elvelid, DG CONNECT
      • A new mindset to mature the IT profession Erick Brethenoux, IBM
      • The launch of the e-Skills Manifesto John Higgins, DIGITALEUROPE
    • Block 2
      • The IT workforce demand and supply in Europe and other major economies (2014-2020) Gabriella Cattaneo, IDC
      • View from Japan: creating the workforce for the next-generation IT market
        Akira Kataoka, Information-Technology Promotion Agency
      • View from Canada: revolutionising the education sector
        Meenakshi Gupta, ICTC
      • View from the USA on digital skills developments
        Adams Nager, ITIF
    • Block 3
      • Introducing the Framework: what value does it bring for IT professionals and ecology? Niels van der Linden, Capgemini Consulting
      • IT Professionalism Fiona Fanning, Secretary-General Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS)
      • The launch of European Ethical Guidelines Declan Brady, CEPIS Taskforce on Ethics
    • Block 4
      • The comprehensive approach in Spain Juan Pablo Peñarrubia Carrión, Presidente Consejo General de Colegios Profesionales de Ingeniería Informática de España (CCII)
      • Italy’s implementation in the security domain Marco Ferretti, Full Professor Università di Pavia, CINI Lab CFC Director
      • Joined-up EU projects: collaboration with the e-CF Alliance project Rocco Defina, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano
      • Involving core IT expertise of specific knowledge foundations Mark Smalley, Ambassador at the ASL BiSL Foundation
      • Introducing Continuous Professional Development for Ireland’s IT Professionals Mary Cleary, ICS
      • Concluding Remarks and the way forward Carm Cachia, eSkills Malta Foundation
      • Concluding Remarks and the way forward André Richier, DG GROWTH




CEPIS & IVI (2012): e-Skills & ICT Professionalism: Fostering the ICT Profession in Europe