Secretary General, European DIGITAL SME ALLIANCE

Sebastiano Toffaletti heads the Brussels secretariat of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, that he contributed to found in 2008. DIGITAL SME is Europe’s largest association for digital Small and Medium sized Enterprises, representing about 20.000 companies across the continent. The association covers EU initiatives, legislation and policies related to topics such as cybersecurity, data economy, IoT, privacy, Artificial Intelligence and standardisation.

Sebastiano holds a master’s degree in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Bologna. He authored several articles and position papers on topics such as Intellectual Property Rights, Standards, e-Skills, Net Neutrality and Cloud Computing, and serves as an expert in EU working groups and task forces.
He is currently chairman of the Working Group on SMEs at ECSO, the European Cybersecurity Organisation. Since 2014, Sebastiano is also a member of the Board at ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.