The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition calls for new pledges

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) is looking for new pledges to support its goal of closing the skills gap in Europe.
All organisations who take action to boost digital skills in Europe can submit a pledge, which can range from training unemployed people, giving MOOCs for teachers, offering coding classes for children or cutting-edge training for ICT specialists.
One off the key pillars of DSJC activity is Digital skills for ICT professionals. We invite our members to submit pledges related to IT professionalism, particularly implementing e-CF. This would both increase visibility of your activities and raise awareness about the multitude of IT professionalism initiatives carried out in Europe.
The DSJC is an initiative of the European Commission to mobilise companies, including not-for-profit organisations, educational providers, social partners and Member States in Europe to help tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe. The aim is to ensure that everyone acquires the digital skills they need to remain productive and employable and included.
You may find more information on how to submit your pledge here.